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Worldcoin Tokenomics: Will WLD Tokens Price Increase or Decrease?

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Worldcoin is the brainchild of Sam Altman, Max Novendstern, and Alex Blania, which aims to create the world’s largest identity and financial network. Worldcoin (WLD) tokens are what facilitate transactions and incentivization on this network.

It is an ERC-20 token on Ethereum Mainnet launched on 24 July 2023. On its very launch day, WLD reached its high of $7.5. However, the trend has been bearish since then. When writing this article, the WLD price is a mere $1.03.

Will WLD tokens reach new highs or plunge further? That’s what this article is all about. Let’s understand Worldcoin tokenomics and determine whether WLD prices will increase or decrease.

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Worldcoin Tokenomics: Understanding WLD Tokens Supply

Worldcoin has shared a tokenomics plan that shows the schedule of how the project wants to unlock its initial supply of WLD tokens.

The whitepaper states that 10 billion WLD tokens will be in supply by the end of 15 years from launch. The WLD smart contract enforces the supply and allocation of these tokens.

75% of these tokens are reserved for the Worldcoin community, and 25% will distributed among different people associated with Tools for Humanity (TFH). TFH is the technology company that developed the Orb, the first version of the protocol, and the World App.

Here’s what the allocation of these 10 billion WLD tokens looks like:

  • 75% or 7.5 billion tokens are allocated to the Worldcoin community

  • 13.5% or 1.35 billion tokens are allocated to Tools for Humanity investors

  • 9.8% or 98 million tokens are allocated to TFH’s Worldcoin development team

  • 1.7% or 170 million tokens are reserved for TFH

All 10 billion tokens are minted at the time of the launch. But they will be unlocked gradually over 15 years, as shown in the image below.

Worldcoin tokens unlock supply schedule


To simplify things, the image above considers that the 25% of WLD tokens allocated to TFH are minted and released at the launch. However, that’s not the case. Like WLD tokens for the Worldcoin community, even the tokens for TFH will be unlocked gradually.

The table below represents how 75% of WLD tokens for the Worldcoin community will be unlocked over 15 years.

Time Period

WLD Tokens Released During This Time Period

Total WLD Tokens at the End of This Time Period

At the time of launch

0.5 billion WLD tokens

0.5 billion WLD tokens

From launch to the end of 3 years

3.5 billion WLD tokens

4 billion WLD tokens

From the 4th year to the end of the 6th year

1.75 billion WLD tokens

5.75 billion WLD tokens

From the 7th year to the end of the 9th year

0.875 billion WLD tokens

6.625 billion WLD tokens

From the 10th year to the end of the 15th year

0.875 billion WLD tokens

7.5 billion WLD tokens

Circulating Supply at Launch

Only 143 million WLD tokens were released at the launch. Of these, 43 million are allocated to the users who will register with the Worldcoin network by verifying themselves as unique humans.

This verification is the very first step of how Worldcoin works. Any user who wants to register with the network has to download the World App and follow the instructions to go to an Orb center and verify as a unique individual.

Upon registration, the user can claim his or her free WLD tokens. However, this is subject to the location. Only the users in countries allowing WLD token circulation receive them.

The remaining 100 million in the circulating supply is given to market makers outside the US. The goal behind giving these tokens to market makers is to ensure the liquidity of sufficient WLD tokens.

Worldcoin Price History

To predict where the WLD price will go, it is essential to understand its history first.

The coin was launched on 24 July 2023 and immediately gained much traction from investors.

It made a high of $7.5 on the same day. But as days passed and the news about Worldcoin facing scrutiny over privacy concerns spread, the coin has seen a massive downfall.

Worldcoin token price chart on trading view

Source: Trading View

Worldcoin token has lost over 50% of its value and is currently trading at only $1.03, which brings the fully diluted market cap to $10,282,755,452. According to data from CoinMarketCap, the current market supply of Worldcoin is $133,286,427. It has a 24-hour traded volume of $83,300,297.

Why Worldcoin’s Price Is Falling?

Worldcoing’s price is mainly falling because of the scrutiny it is facing over privacy concerns across several countries worldwide. Some of these countries include France, England, Argentina, and Kenya.

Another reason is the lack of interest among the public. While Worldcoin attracted people to scan their iris and share sensitive biometric data for 25 WLD tokens, no one seems interested now.

While motivating people to share their data for just 25 tokens is already challenging, it is even more so if the token's price constantly falls.

Additionally, WLD tokens are not available to the world's largest share of crypto buyers, the Americans. A recent survey by Coinbase concludes that around 20%, i.e., about 50 million, of Americans own crypto. However, due to regulatory restrictions, WLD is not available for trading in the US.

Worldcoin Price Prediction: 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030

Worldcoin price is estimated to stay between $0.08 to $2.0 in 2023. However, it can bounce back in the long run.

Due to the various reasons listed in the previous section, it is evident that WLD is bound to see a bearish run, at least in the short term. This means it will be challenging for the coin to bounce back in 2023.

But this is not the end for Worldcoin. The team working on this project states that it is ready to cooperate with governments and regulatory bodies worldwide to clear all privacy concerns.

Once all privacy concerns are lifted, Worldcoin shows excellent potential as an investment. That’s because this identity and financial network has several applications.

Besides digital identity verification and a global transaction network, Worldcoin can help with governance and resource distribution. It can enable fairer resource allocation based on digital identities. And it can also protect against bot attacks.

Moreover, it can prove to be a vital part of Web 3.0. The network’s human-verified identity can offer secure and privacy-preserving experiences for Web 3.0 users.

So, if the team works with the governments and clears all privacy concerns, it can make new highs.

Here’s how Worldcoin price prediction looks for 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030.


High Price

Low Price














Can Worldcoin reach $100?

Worldcoin will not reach $100 for a long time. Even if Worldcoin gives a return of 50% annually, which is an exceptional return, it will still take around ten years to reach $100.

Is Worldcoin a good investment for the short term?

Worldcoin is not a good investment for the short term right now because of the scrutiny it faces due to various privacy concerns.

When will the WLD price reach $10?

WLD price can reach $10 by 2025. However, this largely depends on how the Worldcoin teams handle the regulatory concerns and work with the governments worldwide to clear them.

Verdict: Is It Wise to Invest in Worldcoin?

The Worldcoin project shows great potential. Its aim of proving someone is a unique person while preserving privacy in today’s digital world is a revolutionary concept. However, until and unless all ethical and regulatory concerns are cleared off, it will be hard for Worldcoin to enter a bullish trend.

Therefore, it is best to wait for the scrutiny to end. Once the privacy concerns are addressed, Worldcoin can give a good investment return over the long term.


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